How can I improve my credit score? I want to repair credit so I can buy a house.

If you want to repair credit scores, they are mostly determined in large part by your payment history and how much you owe. So if you want to improve your score, begin making timely payments and reducing your debts. Important ... Read More

Student Loan Collection – I fell behind on my student loan payments and now I’m being sued. What can I do?

Defend the lawsuit! If you are being sued for student loan collection, chances are they are private student loans, since the government doesn’t need a judgment to pursue repayment from you. Private loans in turn are mo ... Read More

I have been trying to modify my mortgage for months to avoid foreclosure, but the mortgage company keeps losing my paperwork and asking me for the same things again and again. What can I do to get my loan modified?

Depending on who the servicer and owner of your loan are, getting a mortgage modification can be very difficult. If your servicer continues to “lose” your paperwork, you should consider filing a complaint with the ... Read More

Credit Card Collection Laws – I fell behind on credit card payments and now I’m being sued. What can I do?

If you are being sued by a company that’s different from your original credit card issuer, there’s a LOT that you can do. The reason there’s a lot that you can do is because your credit card debt was sold to ... Read More